Villa Health insurance and Rehabilitation is a family-run vacation resort in Jamaica’s Punta Cana area that provides full-on rehab and medical services to patients affected by various health problems. The restaurant offers cutting edge facilities for the immediate and long term well being of their patients, together with a fully outfitted emergency room and a fully staffed Pediatric comprehensive care product. Staff with the Villa Health insurance and Rehabilitation center include accredited nurses, practitioners, nutritionists, doctors, social personnel, physicians, a respiratory specialist, a physical therapist, anesthesiologists, a psychiatrist, a chiropractors, a podiatrist, a registered nurse, a pharmacy tech, a masseuse, an audiologist, a psychiatrist, a surgeon, an orthopedist, a physio, a chiropractic doctor, an practitioner, a nutritionist, a dietitian, a dentist, a medical assistant, and a nurse practitioner. All staff members take a great approved House Health and Rehabilitation course and their qualification upon finalization. As one of the current rehabilitation centers in the Caribbean, Villa offers a comprehensive assortment of therapeutic services, from simple first aid and safety strategies to advanced therapeutic measures and affected person centered caution.

“When you stay at Villa Health and Rehabilitation, it’s treated as being a VIP individual with topnoth services and amenities, ” says Jennifer Walls, director of Villa Health and Therapy. “It’s like a home away from home. Not only do you can expect the most thorough inpatient rehab service inside the Caribbean, but we also have a warm, friendly, professional medical staff that is committed to offering each citizen along with the personal proper care that he or she needs to improve the health and quality lifestyle. ” Among the list of patient’s set of privileges happen to be in-house fitness center facilities, Hot tub tubs, sauna facilities, pools, health clubs, excursions, movies, music, exercise classes, educational programs, therapy, and complimentary yoga visits. The Rental has an on-site physician on hand for appointment and emergency needs, and a fully prepared emergency room which has a fully prepared emergency treatment unit.

Most significant benefits of Property Health and Rehabilitation’s inpatient rehabilitation services is that they provide a full selection of services from wellness planning and operations to occupational and dialog therapy. Equally outpatient and inpatient companies are offered. The two forms of services focus on the patient’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Clients may utilize the amenities belonging to the Villa’s leisure centre, the private accommodation fitness center, the pool and spa, a fitness center, the day maintenance, the spa, the catalogue and the spa salon.